Dunyasi Ventures X iFIT

How iFIT solved performance and scalability challenges on the path to 1 million paid subscribers.
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iFIT & ICON Health & Fitness had just merged, and the user base grew rapidly! This was an exciting time in the organization, but a bit scary as the platform & mobile app weren’t built for this scale. Outages were frequent, and the team was overworked handling the increased demand. Time was of the essence, and experienced engineers were needed to fix this problem. To achieve this, iFIT was relying on posting expensive ads on job boards, and hiring the occasional candidate through a traditional search agency.
Dunyasi worked closely with the iFIT team, including the CHRO, CTO, CoS, and HR, to land top-tier engineers.
We focused on three things: storytelling, attraction, and future-proofing.
-We created a culture deck to authentically tell the iFIT story and unique playbooks for a path to succeed in each position.
-Crafted job descriptions to focus on what employees will do, growth opportunities, and the required skills to be successful.
-Audited & improved candidate experience from application to onboarding.
-Leverage social media & our network to spread the word about the opportunities at iFIT through creative campaigns and targeted outbound outreach.
Future Proofing
-Created scorecards, interview rubrics, and consistent processes to reduce biases.
-Built evergreen talent pipelines empowering the internal team to own and manage their tech recruiting for the future.
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iFIT grew to over 1 million paid subscribers, 8 million users, and $300M recurring revenue with a world-class engineering team.
The partnership with Dunyasi Ventures resulted in successfully hiring 11 strategic employees.

-2 DevOps Engineers 
-4 Mobile Developers 
-2 Product Managers 
-2 Product Designers 
-1 UX Researcher 
Cost Savings
As an added bonus, iFIT reduced recruitment costs by 70%. Resulting in substantial financial savings for the company, $212,291, to be exact!
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Partnering with Dunyasi Ventures was key to our success when scaling our Product and Engineering teams to deliver during rapid company growth.

Working alongside myself and our CTO, HR, and recruiting teams - Dunyasi was thoughtful and strategic as they advised on the creation of a recruitment strategy.

The team at Dunyasi is a team of professionals; they are deliberate, organized, and thorough in their approach. While working with our team for a brief period, they retained over 10 key hires. I would look forward to any opportunity to engage the Dunyasi team.
Emily Baldwin, Chief of staff